Recovering from cancer treatment or living with a chronic condition such as lymphoedema can be very challenging. The philosophy of our clinic is to combine multiple health care services under one roof to provide an environment where patients can improve their physical and emotional well-being. Our role is to educate, assist and support across all the services we provide. Our goal is to eliminate or reduce symptoms, help with progress and to overcome limitations or ongoing hurdles. We always aim to find the right balance between managing symptoms and providing encouragement and guidance. We provide Medicare and private health funds rebates, and welcome patients supported by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For bookings, call us on 02 8018 8240. Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Physiotherapy provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc


Our clinic specialises in providing individualised physiotherapy interventions for patients with a cancer diagnosis. After a thorough assessment we identify your limitations and provide appropriate interventions with the aim to improve or restore your physical health. We focus on treating functional and structural side effects caused by your cancer treatment. These interventions include:

  • reducing pain
  • managing scar tissue and
  • improving movement and swelling


Our clinic offers three types of massage therapies. We can assist you to find out which one you would benefit from the most depending on your needs. Oncology Massage is designed for people with cancer histories. It is a very gentle form of massage that uses fascial mobilisation to soften the muscle tissues, relieving aches and pains. It also assists to calm the stress, fear and anxiety associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Remedial massage is used for treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist with your rehabilitation, pain and injury management. This form of massage applies more pressure to address the deeper tissues. Lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle and rhythmical massage technique to assist with your lymphatic fluid transport. It is of great value for patients who had a disruption to their lymphatic system in the form of lymph node removal and or radiotherapy. It helps to reduce swelling and to improve tissue health.

Massage provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc
Lymphoedaema Treatment provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc

Lymphoedema Treatment

We provide education, early detection strategies, assessment, treatment and maintenance of lymphoedema. At our clinic we run regular workshops and community events to raise awareness about this condition affecting many cancer patients. We use the latest bio impedance technology to establish a pre-operative baseline measurement for at risk patients as well as for monitoring purposes. We apply a wide range of treatment modalities which include manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, individualised exercise prescription to assist with lymphatic flow; home-management strategies; garment prescription and fitting, lymph taping, low level laser therapy and the application or prescription of a lymphatic pump.


Our small Pilates mat classes or 1:1 sessions take place in a safe and supportive environment and are taught by our experienced physiotherapist. Starting with a thorough individual assessment after which you will be provided with a program that suits your needs and goals. Our aim is to reduce remaining limitations after your cancer treatment and to assist you to improve your strength and flexibility with the focus on functional stability, breathing and body alignment. You will be guided in your progress as part of your long-term recovery plan.

Pilates provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc
Acupuncture provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc


At our clinic we combine elements of contemporary Chinese’s and Japanese’s acupuncture, a style of treatment which provides the most effective results with the least discomfort. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, sterile, single-use needles into specific points on the body. When acupuncture points are needled they have a regulating effect on the body, activating hormones, increasing circulation and releasing muscle tightness. Depending on your needs and symptoms, other therapeutic devices such as laser acupuncture, moxa, cupping or gusha may be included into your treatment. These interventions combined with dietary modification, herbal medicine or supplementation aim to take care of the body as a whole. Acupuncture is proven to be safe to use before, during and after cancer treatment.


We believe in individual tailored exercises to achieve best results. Our Yoga sessions are one to one with an expert Yoga teacher who will identify your needs and provide you with a suitable program to assist you with your recovery and help you to progress safely.

Yoga provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc

Bra Fitting Services

Women after breast surgery benefit greatly from a well-fitted bra for optimal comfort and support. We offer advice and guidance on finding the right fit for your needs. Our breast care fitting specialist has many years of experience and offers a range of post-operative breast care products to suit your life style.

Counselling Services provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc
Community Events provided by Oncology Recovery Services Inc

Community Events

We facilitate cancer and lymphoedema support groups, offer workshops, talks and forums with the goal to raise awareness, support and educate. We also encourage our patients to take an active part in their treatment and support them to make informed decisions. Please check our events page, follow us on Facebook or call our clinic for updates and more information on upcoming events.

ORSI is a member of the Australian Lymphology Association
ORSI is a member of the Australian Lymphology Association
ORSI is a member of the Australian Lymphology Association
ORSI is a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
ORSI is a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
ORSI is a member of the Australian Lymphology Association

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