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Personal Training

Personal Training for Cancer Recovery

Personal training is an effective and safe way to re-introduce movement into your life. Personal training is one-on-one fitness instruction that incorporates exercise screening, goal-setting and health education. 

Following a fitness consultation, you will experience workout routines specifically designed for your individual needs.  Your trainer will adjust your sessions as needed and assist you to progress safely.

Our personal training sessions are with an expert personal trainer with over 17 years’ experience.  Your initial session is guided by the outcomes of your physiotherapy assessment you have received prior. Our clinicians work closely together to ensure we set the right goals and create a suitable program for you.


Every patient coming to our clinic will be assessed either by a physiotherapist, a massage therapist or an exercise therapist, depending the type of appointment you require.

Most of the patients at our clinic will firstly have a consultation with a physiotherapist before they progress to any form of exercise therapy. This will ensure that we have reduced any physical limitations and set you up for success on your road to recovery.

If you only want to do personal training at our clinic and don’t require any other services, your personal trainer will perform an assessment with you.

Whether you are new to exercise, or have lost strength and confidence through your treatment, we will make sure we start you off at the right level. A physical assessment will reveal where you are at, and assist us to tailor the exercises to your needs. Your program will be adjusted as you are becoming stronger.

Most definitely.

No one leaves our clinic without home work.

As often as you can manage.

We aim to provide an enjoyable workout for everyone where you can feel the benefits of movement almost immediately. Consistency is key!


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Our team is here to listen, provide advice and individualised care.

Our goal is your goal.

Call us to get the right support on your road to recovery.

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Oncology Recovery Services Inc. is a multidisciplinary centre that specialises in cancer care and lymphoedema management.

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