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Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy for Cancer Recovery

During or after treatment for cancer, a lot of our patients experience side effects such as fatigue, discomfort or reduced flexibility or strength. These physical limitations are often accompanied by frustration of not being to able to move the way they used to. This is all normal.

Our aim is to reduce any physical limitations you may experience during or after your cancer treatment. Our team is here to guide you to regain your strength and confidence in movement. We help you to return to your activities of daily living and manage them effortlessly.


This will depend on where you are at in your recovery.

We see patients as soon as two weeks post surgery, or people undergoing chemotherapy or having radiation treatment.

Some of our patients are comfortable with moving their bodies, others not so. We are specialised in finding the right exercise program for you so you can safely and comfortably progress.

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to your booking.

Your exercise program can be a part of your physiotherapy treatment, or it can be a separate 1:1 session with our Personal Trainer, Pilates or Yoga instructor.

The right person will be chosen for you (and with you) depending on your physical abilities, personal preference, and availability.

We get this question a lot. 🙂

Whether Pilates, yoga or hydrotherapy, the best way to find out is, to try them and see what you like the most.

We have drop in sessions available, so you can find out what style of exercise suits you.

We firmly believe that exercise should be enjoyable and not a burden. If what we offer isn’t what you were looking for, we will help you find something else. We collaborate with a number of local trainers, exercise physiologists, swim coaches, gyms and more.

We won’t rest until we got you moving 😉


You don’t have to do this alone

Our team is here to listen, provide advice and individualised care.

Our goal is your goal.

Call us to get the right support on your road to recovery.

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