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Oncology Physiotherapy

Are you experiencing discomfort or physical limitations during or after your cancer treatment?

Are you finding it hard to perform some of your daily activities effortlessly? Are you unsure about how to return to your exercise regime after your cancer treatment? 

Many patients experience the same as you, and the sooner you get assistance, the easier and faster you will recover.

We are here to guide you along the (often rough) road of cancer recovery. Our practitioners are specialised in providing individualised physiotherapy interventions, including lymphoedema physiotherapy, for people with a cancer diagnosis.

We see patients with a wide range of diagnoses including:

After a thorough physical assessment we identify your limitations and provide appropriate interventions. The goal is to improve or restore your physical health by reducing pain or discomfort, improving movement and function, managing scar tissue, and eliminating or minimising any swelling.

Common side effects we treat


At your first visit you can expect a warm welcome, after which you will be assessed by your treating therapist.

This includes collecting your relevant medical history (with your consent, we may liaise with your medical team to ensure your history is complete) and a physical assessment.

We will also establish your treatment goals to ensure we are on the same page.

The first consultation will further include some education about your condition, will include targeted treatment and some advice on self-management strategies.  

If you have a referral or any medical results that could be useful, please bring them along. Otherwise just yourself. Some people like to bring their partner, or a friend, a carer, or anyone who they wish to share the session with. It can come in handy to teach them how to assist you.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions prior to your appointment.

As per the Australasian Lymphology Association’s position statement on early detection of breast cancer-related lymphoedema, all patients treated for breast cancer are recommended to undergo preoperative measurements of their arm, as well as receive education on lymphoedema, its risk factors, early signs of its development and a point of contact for clinical assessment if needed. 

You don’t require a referral to see us. However, if you are eligible for the  Chronic Disease Management Plan supported by Medicare, you will need to liaise with your GP. We see patients supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Private health fund rebates are available for those who hold extras cover for physiotherapy. We encourage you to check with your health fund if you are unsure.

After your initial assessment your therapist will be able to give you a guide on the number of sessions you will need to see results. We can establish the frequency of your visits depending on your current limitations and goals that will achieve best-long term outcomes for you.


You don’t have to do this alone

Our team is here to listen, provide advice and individualised care.

Our goal is your goal.

Call us to get the right support on your road to recovery.

About Us

Oncology Recovery Services Inc. is a multidisciplinary centre that specialises in cancer care and lymphoedema management.

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