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Oncology Recovery Services Inc. 

helping you to optimise your physical and emotional health     

We believe in a TEAM APPROACH to health, especially when overcoming the side effects of cancer treatment.

Each member of our team is HIGHLY SKILLED and has many years of experience in their field.                     

We practice EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION  between therapists to ensure a smooth transition across our services.  

Caring for people affected by cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic. Going through treatment is often difficult, lengthy and accompanied by side effects. These side effects may be mild and reversible but can be severe and ongoing. We provide services that will assist you with managing the side effects of your cancer treatment.

Caring for people affected by lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that can affect both women and men. Most commonly, lymphoedema arises as a result of cancer treatment. Patients affected by lymphoedema benefit from early diagnosis, timely management and ongoing monitoring. Our team provides assessment, initial care and maintenance programs to ensure optimal management with minimal impact on daily function.


Gentle physiotherapy manipulation on older patient


Two hands press against a spine during massage therapy


A tool used for edema therapy presses against a hand

Oedema Therapy

Two women doing various pilates exercises


Safe handling during acupuncture


Calm waters in the hydrotherapy pool

Home Visits

An instructor helps a women into the correct yoga pose


Our approach to cancer care and lymphoedema management



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We collaborate with local and regional GPs, surgeons, oncologists and other specialists at The Prince of Wales Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women and other major Sydney hospitals. We liaise with a range of relevant health professionals including nurses and allied health staff to ensure a complete medical history which builds the foundation of the assessment.
We ensure a thorough and individualised assessment and work towards patient oriented goals. We take into account patient reported symptoms and utilise a range of objective assessment tools and questionnaires relevant to each practitioner in our clinic.


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By bringing together a group of highly qualified, experienced and passionate practitioners we are providing a range of relevant services that complement each other in one integrative clinic.
We advocate a patient centered approach and encourage patients to take an active role in their treatment. We identify individual limitations and choose the right discipline and the appropriate treatment techniques to achieve individual goals and to overcome hurdles.
We pride ourselves in having excellent communication between our staff members to ensure an easy treatment process and a smooth transition between disciplines as required.


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Teaching self-management techniques, developing individually tailored exercise programs, and providing a rage of coping strategies, are all aspects of our maintenance service. We believe in ongoing patient education to ensure best practice standards. Involving family, friends or carers is often encouraged as part of the long-term management plan.
To optimise treatment outcomes, we offer regular reviews to monitor patient progress and to modify individual programs accordingly. Some of our services are designed to be continued on an ongoing basis as part of our maintenance program. Our clinic runs regular community events and workshops to educate and empower patients to be an active and informed part of their treatment.

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The complexity of managing trauma-related lymphoedema

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