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We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of Lymphoedema

Swelling of a body part is often referred to as oedema. It describes the accumulation of fluid in the tissues and can have many reasons. It can be a result of surgery (post-surgical oedema), vascular problems (vascular oedema), abnormal build-up of fat (lipoedema) or lymphatic dysfunction or damage (lymphoedema).

Swelling can be temporary and reversible, or ongoing. Ongoing swelling is called chronic oedema.

Whatever the reason, it is always advisable to investigate and manage the swelling early.

Lymphoedema is a condition we frequently diagnose and treat at our clinic, as it most commonly occurs in people with a cancer diagnosis.

Treatment for cancer often involves the surgical removal of lymph nodes and radiation therapy. These interventions damage the lymphatic system and puts a person at a higher risk of developing lymphoedema.

We provide education, assessment, treatment and maintenance strategies as part of our lymphoedema services. We establish pre-operative baseline measurements for at risk patients and provide preventative strategies. 

Lymphoedema treatment includes: manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, garment prescription and fitting, lymph taping, low level laser therapy, individualised exercise prescription and the prescription of a lymphatic pump for home use where appropriate. We will teach you self-management strategies for lymphoedema to integrate into your daily living.

Lymphoedema Physiotherapy Sydney

Pre-operative Assessment

As per the Australasian Lymphology Association’s position statement on early detection of breast cancer-related lymphoedema, all patients treated for breast cancer are recommended to undergo preoperative measurements of their arm, as well as receive education on lymphoedema, its risk factors, early signs of its development and a point of contact for clinical assessment if needed.

Lymphoedema FAQ's

Your risk will depend on multiple factors. These include the extent of your surgery (the number of lymph nodes removed), radiation therapy (the number of sessions and the dose of radiation administered) and your lifestyle (for example how much exercise you do).

Your therapist will help to determine your risk and provide appropriate strategies to reduce it.

We have specific assessment tools available to us to determine whether you have lymphoedema or not. If you do, we will provide suitable management strategies. If you don’t, we will help you to monitor for early signs so you can be treated in a timely manner if you ever need to.

Yes, we do.

Advising, measuring and fitting for compression garments is an integral part of our work. There is a wide range of options available and we can help you find the right one depending on your symptoms, goals and lifestyle.

Every person presents with different symptoms, needs, goals and lifestyle.

The frequency of treatment depends on a number of factors such as: how severe your oedema is, how much self-management you are able to do, how far you live, and unfortunately, how much treatment you can afford.

Your therapist will make recommendations on the frequency of your sessions, taking into consideration the above factors. We always aim to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

For our lymphoedema clinic Sydney, you can either see a physiotherapist or a massage therapist. 

If you see a lymphoedema physiotherapist, you may be able to claim some of the treatment costs under Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Plan. To find out your eligibility, you will need to liaise with your GP.

Private health fund rebates are available for those who hold extras cover for physiotherapy or massage therapy. We encourage you to check with your health fund if you are unsure.

We also see patients supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions prior to your appointment.


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